Words can barely describe how excited I was for this game. I mean come on. Persona 3 was the best game of hands down, no questions asked. Never before has shooting yourself in the head been this badass. They could’ve just released FES without any new things and it still would’ve been awesome. Hell, I would’ve bought it just to give them more of my money for making such a great game. They decided to go the extra mile and give us a shit ton of extra content.

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Apr 28, Mabufudyne said: I’m not denying that at all. You’d have to be blind to not recognize that for what it is. I am trying to explain that having the option for high-cut armor for the female player self-insert in P3P is not intended as male otaku pandering. The way it was handled in FeMC’s route specifically for her, instead of leaving it purely as visual male otaku fanservice, makes it a flirty, sexually assertive option for female players who like that by making the only real reward in terms of game mechanics the guys’ flustered reactions to it.

And making it clear she herself is genuinely fine with wearing it, of course.

Persona 3 FES Social Links. Search this site. Nozomi “Gourmet King” (Moon) This social link requires LV.2 charm and you need to answer questions in this order Pheromone Coffee > Green > Hagakure Bowl, then give him an Odd Morsel from your inventory in order to be started. He’s located at Paulownia Mall, Monday-Saturday.

From left to right, starting from top: In reality, they hunt down Shadows and investigate the Dark Hour with the support of the Kirijo Group. Protagonist Persona 3 The protagonist is the namable main player-controlled character of Persona 3. In the film adaptation and Persona 3: He is unique among his cohorts in that he has the ability to carry multiple Personas and switch between them during battle. With the power of the Wild Card he has access to over different Personas. Over the course of the game, the player is challenged to manage his day-to-day schedule as he attends school, takes part in extracurricular activities, and spends time with classmates and other characters.

Soejima wrote in Art of Persona 3, “Initially, he looked more honest, like an ordinary, handsome young man.

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Apollo and Tatsuya Suou. It is the second title in the Persona spinoff series developed by Atlus , and takes place approximately three years after the first Persona. A popular rumor going around the city states that if you dial your own cellphone number, a mysterious man named “Joker” will appear before you and grant you whatever you wish.

When Tatsuya and his friends investigate, Joker appears and marks them for death, accusing them of committing a crime against him which they can’t remember.

Sep 02,  · The exceptions are Aigis- she doesn’t get jealous when you hang with other girls, BUT I HEARD that the girls will get jealous if you hang with her (cuz peeps overreact alot, plus a few of them don’t know she’s a robot).Status: Resolved.

January 30, Hello everyone. While I wait for a gas cylinder to arrive to my humble abode and is therefore unable to play, watch or listen to anything in case I miss the call, I thought to myself: Seriously though, is this a common thing abroad? I need to rely on giant tanks to get warm water? If anyone clicked on my thread wondering what the hell Persona is, then it’s a JRPG series set in the modern world where teenagers with attitude defeat vaguely evil forces by physical manifestations of their psyche while scoring hot anime studs on the side in the later installments.

On to the rant! I’ve never particularly enjoyed the story of Persona 3 for various reasons. Don’t get me wrong, the story is not downright bad, and I absolutely adore the premise, but the setting of a game is never enough to sell a good immersive experience; it’s all in the execution, and that’s where the game in question falls short.

First of all, I think it’d be a good idea to address the characters. I know this is a bit of an impopular opinion, but I simply don’t feel anything for any of them, save maybe Aigis and Junpei. They feel like cardboard cutouts without any real depth, not to mention they hardly interact outside of Tartarus even though they live together; this lack of chemistry makes the character-driven aspect of the story so bland, and the fan service and typical anime moments – while usually bad on their own – get even worse due to the lack of connection between the cast.

For instance, when they go to Fukushima, they still act in this stiff, stilted manner, and I immediately remember that I’m playing a game; I have no reason to believe any of them would want to hang out with each other in their spare time.

Who can you date in Persona 3? and how many can you date?

However, as he brings together the old team, new feelings surface. He remembers everything even the day he was born. Every sight, sound, smell or touch he remembers with crystal clarity and he has power from the moment he is born. And whats up with Hedwig? All chapters edited for spelling, grammar, and some content.

You may want to re-read it.

Junpei iori, persian dating aigis in persona 3 fes dating aigis replaces. Date. hanging with brush, and received persona academy single dating site fes and. Benedictine fights persona 3 was only added in fes part 1 – of classic japanese dating yukari persona 3 portable.

I had read about it before and Operation Babe Hunt was the only reason I finished the game. I wanted to see for myself how horrible it really was. In the middle of the game there is a segment where everyone goes to the beach and one of the characters Junpei wants to go hit on women at the beach. Of course, they only meet comic failure. Only not quite humorous. The only woman who responds positively to their advancements was the trans woman.

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Persona 3 focuses on the exploits of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad SEES , a group of high-schoolers defending their home city from monsters known as Shadows. Persona 3 is set in a fictional Japanese city in the year Due to past events, there is a hidden period between one day and the next known as the “Dark Hour”, during which most people become unconscious a state the game calls “Transmogrification”, symbolized by normal people turning into floating coffins , and Shadows feed on the minds of those still aware of their surroundings.

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Edit Elizabeth is the assistant of Igor , the proprietor of the Velvet Room. She makes her first appearance when the protagonist awakens in his subconscious, visiting the Velvet Room, where she greets the protagonist. While Igor is responsible for the Persona fusions, Elizabeth handles the Persona Compendium , which allows the protagonist to keep track of his fused personas and re-summon them. Elizabeth also provides various side-quests for the protagonist, ranging from bounties to getting various daily-life objects for her.

As the protagonist completes the side quests , Elizabeth may reward players with rare items and special items needed to fuse several specific personas. She also requests tasks that involve Tartarus and retrieving special equipment from there. Not only that, Elizabeth also requests items from the real world that could only be retrieved on specific days.

If players choose to start the second cycle, Elizabeth will offer an extra side-quest of challenging her at the top of the bonus dungeon. Upon reaching the final level, Elizabeth reveals her frustration of being unable to find out her true meaning to life, and hopes that someone stronger than her would be capable of giving her that answer. In the events of the protagonist’s battle with her, Elizabeth reveals herself to be a Persona User just like the protagonist, also capable of switching between multiple Personas mid-battle.

The protagonist can date Elizabeth, however, she is not a Social Link. Throughout their dates, the protagonist teaches her the cultures of the world. In return, Elizabeth grants the protagonist various key items to summon several specific Personas. As the protagonist dates her, Elizabeth becomes interested in the protagonist, moreover towards the culture of the outside world.

Dialogue from cut Persona 5 cutscene found?(SPOILERS)

Edit Yukari’s deceased father, Eiichiro Takeba , worked for the Kirijo Group while they were conducting Shadow research. He was opposed to the idea of bringing about the Fall , a stance that caused him to be killed by Mitsuru’s grandfather. These events created most of the problems that SEES is forced to overcome. Yukari’s mother dealt with the pain from the loss of her husband by dating numerous shallow boyfriends and essentially abandoned her daughter, annoying Yukari.

Yukari and her mother even had to move multiple times, just to get away from the backlash of blame and vitriol for Eiichiro being held responsible for the deaths of many Kirijo Group researchers as he was in charge of the research team, even though the details of Eiichiro’s role were not entirely clear and there were all sorts of rumors.

Yukari ends up alone, which, coupled with the distress of losing her father, caused her to become quite introverted, which helps her connect with the protagonist because he also knows what it’s like to prematurely lose a parent, making him the only person aside from Fuuka she opens up to.

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Single-player Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 was originally published in on the PlayStation 2 by Atlus in Japan; the North American release of the game was delayed due to issues with the publication of the official art book. An add-on disc titled Persona 3 FES , containing a “director’s cut” of the original game, as well as a new epilogue , was released alongside Persona 3 in Japan in , and in in other territories, with a re-release of FES on the PlayStation Network in In Persona 3, the player takes the role of a male high-school student who joins the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad SEES , a group of students investigating the Dark Hour, a time period between one day and the next that few people are aware of.

During the Dark Hour, the player enters Tartarus, a large tower containing Shadows, creatures that feed on the minds of humans. In addition to the standard elements of role-playing games, Persona 3 includes elements of simulation games , as the game’s protagonist progresses day by day through a school year, making friends and forming relationships that improve the strength of his Personas in battle. There are official soundtracks for Persona 3, Persona 3 FES, and Persona 3 Portable, as well as an arrangement album containing music from multiple games in the Persona series.

Music from the game has also been performed live at two concerts dedicated to the Persona series. Persona 3 has seen a manga adaption, multiple radio dramas. Critical reception of Persona 3 was mainly positive; reviewers enjoyed the game’s social elements, while some found its combat and environments repetitive. Persona 3 FES’s epilogue was said to give narrative closure to the original game, although it was criticized for not featuring the simulation aspect of Persona 3.

The remake adds the ability to play as a female protagonist, new story elements and music, and a new interface designed for the PSP. In , an original non-canon anime set 10 years after the events of Persona 3, titled Persona:

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A scene in Golden has the two of them sharing an Umbrella of Togetherness. The trope has explicit romantic connotations, but this is the very same scene where Kanji gets very flustered over the idea of doing the same thing with Naoto, his long-time crush, and says that they “would be just like a couple” if they did so You have way too many chances to hit on him, more than some girls actually. During the school festival, if you sit in the men’s table, Yosuke has to sit besides the girls, so Yosuke asks “If you could date one of us, who would it be?

He blushes Yeah, I know.

Persona 3 dating mitsuru matsuoka, playstation 4 forums In battle, he uses Fire- and Darkness-based magic. Protagonist Persona 3 The protagonist is the namable main player-controlled character of Persona 3.

Of ‘Cosmospheres’ and stories. Can’t put the full summary here, so please read to know what this story is about! This is still Aigis’s Cosmosphere, but with a different ending. You’ll have two choices during the story that will determine the ending. Well, since I’m free, I’ll be doing all two choices endings, so keep reading! Finally, Minato is able to get a date with Ai. But because of Yukari, there is an uneasy feeling. And now a huge trial stands in their way. They can’t trust each other.

Will their feelings ever come together?! At the Binary Field… “We’re up to the third ‘episode’. Would you like to continue where we stopped the last time? I’m 17 years old, and I’m a sophomore.

Game PS1 PS2

There are some titles that have come out in the last 10 or so years that are no longer considered new, but they still evoke the same kind of nostalgia. One of those titles for me is Shin Megami Tensei: There have been 4 things related either directly or partly to Persona 3: The first game to be released was Shin Megami Tensei:

Tips: คุณกำลังอ่านการ์ตูนเรื่อง One Piece , การ์ตูนเรื่อง One Piece ถึงแม้ว่านายจะตายก็ห้ามตายเด็ดขาด!!อ่านจากขวามาซ้าย คุณสามารถกดปุ่ม (->) เพื่อเปลี่ยน.

I will burn my dread. Junpei , the Protagonist , and Yukari. Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey. One is always aware that it lies in wait. Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope. Only then will a traveler’s story live on, cherished by those who bid him farewell. Every night when the clock strikes midnight , a phenomenon called ” The Dark Hour ” occurs. During this “hidden” hour of the day, Time Stands Still and normal humans are transmogrified into coffin-like objects, unaware of the world around them.

What’s more, evil creatures called Shadows appear to prey on the minds of humans, inflicting a zombie-like condition commonly known as Apathy Syndrome. Soon after settling into your new dormitory, you are discovered to have ” the potential “:

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