Photos and screencaps of their alleged conversation were uploaded to Imgur by an unknown source on April 2, but have since been removed from the site. In their conversation, Franco appears to ask the teen where she’s from, if she’s single and if she wants to meet up if he gets a hotel room, after being told she’s a few days shy of her 18th birthday. The girl also posted a video of Franco to her Instagram account , in which he explicitly asks her to tag him in the photo, presumably so they could connect afterward. During the alleged conversation the teen was doubtful that she was talking to the real James Franco and requested that he write her name on a piece of paper and send her a photo of his face. Franco appears to have complied. Given Franco’s response to the leaked conversation, it’s worth noting that this all seems very strange. We can’t help but wonder and hope if this could be part of an elaborate promotional campaign for Franco’s new movie “Palo Alto,” based on his own short stories, in which he plays a high school girls’ soccer coach who has an affair with one of his teenage players.

Uber Advises Drivers To Buy Insurance That Leaves Them Uncovered

UBER DRIVERS Read here about an important lawsuit brought by Uber drivers to recover the tips they should have received and reimbursement for expenses Uber drivers have filed a class action lawsuit claiming they have been misclassified as independent contractors and are entitled to be reimbursed for their expenses that Uber should have to pay, like for gas and vehicle maintenance. On June 22, , we filed a new lawsuit against Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, in order to hold them personally liable for the wages owed to California Uber drivers.

Read here for more about the complaint: Uber has announced that it intends to take other steps in the coming months, with Mr.

The four men, aged between 18 and 21, were pronounced dead at the scene after the head-on collision in the early hours of this morning All the men – named locally as Declan Grove, 19, Matty.

Posted on April 16th, at Crowds of people trying to get in. The road was blocked with limos and black SUVs. Two young girls were happy to find me. They had almost zero reception on their phones. T-Mobile is not your friend during Coachella. The young Aussie lass gave me an address. But the address was no good in the Uber Driver app. Being the ever-helpful guy that I am, I tried Google Maps.

Side Hustle Series #52: I’m A Lyft and Uber Driver (My Uber & Lyft Reviews)

Below is a transcript of the episode, modified for your reading pleasure. For more information on the people and ideas in the episode, see the links at the bottom of this post. Nice to see you in New York.

Apr 26,  · Scary dudes. I had picked them up at one of the many Coachella house parties where the crowd was dispersing. The music coming from the party was angry. My mother would not approve of how the women dressed. My father would not approve of how the men behaved. The Uber driver app said my rider’s name was Dre. I called out “Uber.

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Uber agrees to 20 years of user privacy audits in FTC settlement

Ask Question Step Not So Uber Perhaps “uber” is too bombastic a title. No project is perfect. Here’s the list of deficiencies, from the most to the least glaring. I hope to address these some day. When I was making the gateway, I had some poorly soldered transceivers and lead to making me think there was a library conflict.

The Hook Up. likes. We sell water pipes and water pipe accessories. Largest selection of Hookahs in Coral Springs, E-Cigarettes, Vaporizers. This is next to my brother & nieces home which is easier for me to get a ride or obtain an Uber if n ecessary to get my vaping materials for the month, according to my nieces husband! Looking.

The ridesharing outfit has settled with the US’ Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it not only didn’t adequately safeguard data, but misrepresented how secure that info really was. Uber didn’t monitor staff access to personal info as closely as it said it did, the FTC says, and it also gave a false impression of how secure that info was when stored on third-party servers.

Instead, employees needed just a single key to get full access to data, and it stored some information including customer locations online in plain text. It even ditched an automated staff monitoring tool after less than a year. There’s no mention of a fine in the settlement, but that doesn’t mean Uber is off the hook. In addition to being barred from misrepresenting privacy and security, it’ll have to implement a “comprehensive privacy program” and undergo third-party privacy audits every 2 years for the next 20 years.

That’s par for the course as far as FTC settlements go, but it’s a long time in Uber terms — the company may have fulfilled its driverless car ambitions by the time the audits are over. In a statement, Uber tells us that it welcomes the end of the investigation and sees this as an “opportunity” to prove that it has turned a corner. You can read the full statement below.

The settlement comes right as Uber is in the midst of trying to fix a toxic corporate culture that many blame for Uber’s lax approach to privacy. Uber recently ousted CEO Travis Kalanick , who was frequently blamed for the company’s tendency to test and sometimes break legal boundaries. Other executives accused of dodgy behavior have also left the company.

The FTC-mandated reforms could still be helpful, but Uber may be better prepared to implement them than it was just months earlier.

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Richard Ruth May 11, no comment Take a moment to imagine what mobile devices have done for us as a society. At any time, each and every one person with a device is continuously connected to their entire network of family, friends and colleagues. One can exchange nearly limitless amounts of data with the flick of a finger. Now take a look at the applications mobile devices have had on business and the developing markets therein. Each article written here on Startup Hook is a profile of innovation and experimentation the world has had the privilege to witness.

Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “Why Uber Is an Economist’s Dream.” (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes or elsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player above.). To you, it’s just a ride-sharing app that gets you where you’re going. But to an economist, Uber is a massive repository of moment-by-moment data that is helping answer some of the field.

This is partly due to confusion among the public about what the sharing economy is: Strict local regulations have also held back the sector — as flat-sharing firm Airbnb found out recently to its chagrin. On June 15, a new law came into effect that sought to regulate the short-term rental sector. Although welcomed by Airbnb as a way to clear up the legal gray zone in which it has been operating, the new law has become somewhat of a double-edged sword, with thousands of owners forced to cast off property after failing to comply with the new requirements.

In addition, the law prevents owners from renting out properties for more than nights per year and local authorities can impose further restrictions. For Airbnb, the laws seek to protect the hotel industry and ryokans — traditional Japanese inns — whereas the taxi lobby has made it difficult for ride-sharing app Uber to set up shop in Japan. In addition, unlike in many developed economies, the quality of service is very high in Japan.

Hailing a taxi in a major city rarely takes more than a few seconds, lowering demand for Uber-type services. Car- and bike-sharing schemes are taking off and meal delivery service UberEATS has been a hit in Tokyo since arriving in

Uber Home Automation W/ Arduino & Pi

SF supervisors want something done about long-vacant storefronts Now she uses the hotline at least daily, pressing 1 if she wants a pickup at her Palo Alto home, 2 to be picked up at the last place she was dropped or 0 to speak to an operator. Then Moore, who declined to give her age, makes her way down her driveway with her walker to wait for her driver. And one of the beauties is that money never changes hands. Even in an age of soaring smartphone use, a huge number of people lack a way to access on-demand services like Uber that can be hailed only through an app.

Uber Eats – the new hook-up app? Photo: iStock Source:Whimn. It was just a regular Sunday evening. As he handed me the Uber Eats bag I remembered the candle in my hand. Surely this tall, dark motorcycle riding bad boy with just the perfect amount of stubble was a smoker.

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Not to mention, alcohol is often a factor in college hook-ups, and drunk sex can be sloppy sex not exactly an equation for pleasure.

Uber agrees to 20 years of user privacy audits in FTC settlement

We can even drill down to the individual trip level to see exactly where these trips wind up. As reported , repeatedly , in the NYT , the heart of Murray Hill nightlife lies along 3rd Avenue, in particular the stretch from 32nd to 35th streets. Taxi data shows the plurality of Saturday evening taxi trips from Penn Station drop off in this area, with additional clusters in the high 20s on 3rd Avenue, further east along 34th Street, and a spot on East 39th Street between 1st and 2nd avenues.

With a bit more work we might be able to reverse geocode these coordinates to actual bar names, perhaps putting a more scientific spin on this classic of the genre from Complex. The Northside neighborhood is known for its nightlife: Even before the boro taxi program began in August , Northside Williamsburg experienced a dramatic increase in taxi activity, growing from a mere monthly pickups in June , to 10, in June , and 25, by June

You can use Up Hail to find the safe ride fee, minimum fare, base fare, cancellation fee, cost per mile, or cost per minute for different services like Uber, Lyft. More about Uber/Lyft coupons and promotions in Fairfield County and Sandy Hook, Connecticut, US.

Operations[ edit ] Icon for Uber rider app as of May The Uber app software requires the drivers to have a smartphone , and users must have access to either a smartphone or the mobile website to hail rides. The same route costs different amounts at different times as a result of factors such as the supply and demand for Uber drivers at the time the ride is requested. There’s 70 years of conditioning around the fixed price of taxis.

Uber has been criticized for its extreme surcharges during emergencies such as Hurricane Sandy , [28] [29] the Sydney hostage crisis , [30] [31] [32] and the June London Bridge attack , [33] [34] [35] especially when taxis offered to transport riders for free; however, in many cases Uber later refunded surcharges incurred by riders during these events. In , Uber announced that it would not implement surge pricing during emergencies in the United States.

Not all service levels are available in every city. UberPOOL is the least expensive level of service, in which the customer may share the ride with another passenger going in the same general direction. Other levels of service provide for a black luxury car, larger car, car with a car seat, SUV , wheelchair accessible transport, and pet transport. During National Ice Cream Month , Uber users in certain cities can summon an ice cream van for on-demand delivery, with ice cream purchases billed to users’ accounts.

Uber can deactivate or otherwise punish drivers who do not receive high average ratings from riders; [56] in turn, low-scoring users might find they have lower levels of availability from the service. Legislation in some cities, such as San Francisco, requires individuals who drive for Uber to also have a business license in the city in which they drive.

Hurricane Sandy: Covering the Storm

Mia Volvo and Uber today joined forces to work on developing the “next generation of autonomous driving cars … up to and including fully autonomous driverless cars. Separately, Uber will be launching several self-driving Volvo XC90 crossovers this month in Pittsburgh. It’s part of a fleet of slated for delivery in , according to Bloomberg News. While these cars are described as autonomous and kitted out with lidar, radar, cameras, sonar, and GPS, there will still be a driver in the driver’s seat.

Details on the Volvo-Uber partnership According to a statement by Volvo, this is the start of an ongoing collaboration: The two companies have signed an agreement to establish a joint project that will develop new base vehicles that will be able to incorporate the latest developments in AD technologies, up to and including fully autonomous driverless cars.

At UberRC we offer RC owners the very best in custom components to make the most of their beloved car’s. Be it protecting their investment from dirt and muck with our custom designed windows or shock socks to complementing their RC with the strength and lightness of Carbon Fibre products.

Uber provides primary insurance during this period in order to satisfy the requirements but not every insurance company will endorse rideshare drivers. State Farm also offers rideshare insurance. Erie Insurance Erie has been around for 90 years. This is the third year in a row that Erie has achieved this award. Foremost, a subsidiary of Farmers, is now offering rideshare endorsements, Prime Insurance has entered the Property and Casualty market and has a rideshare option, State Farm, and Geico.

This means that your personal deductible will be in effect any time you are behind the wheel, even when you are driving for Uber or Lyft. Also, if you have other coverages such as medical, towing and rental car coverage, those will also be in affect even when driving for Uber and Lyft. If there are other insurance providers in Hawaii, please contact me to let me know.

Idaho Idaho Rideshare Insurance — Idaho rideshare drivers have three options to choose from: I recommend getting quotes from both of them to find out which one best suits your needs. Illinois Illinois Rideshare Insurance — IIllinois has a big selection of rideshare-friendly auto insurance options. We have included agents that we recommend because they understand the unique needs of rideshare drivers and how to set up the policies correctly with each of these companies for rideshare drivers.

Farmers Farmers Insurance was one of the first companies to offer a rideshare endorsement in Illinois. We recommend getting quotes from all three to find out which one best suits your needs.

Uber data breach includes UK users — but it’s still not clear how many

Making a statement in parliament yesterday, Matt Hancock said: We are verifying the extent and the amount of information. When we have a sufficient assessment, we will publish the details of the impact on UK citizens, and we plan to do that in a matter of days.

Usually, I end up with people who silently stare at their iPhones or foreign tourists who can only say “Hello!” and “Goodbye!” But on this particular Friday night, my driver pulled up to a.

By Brother Nathanael Kapner Copyright There are so many unanswered questions regarding the Sandy Hook killings that it not only boggles the mind but inspires anger and legitimate outrage. Even Lieutenant Paul Vance, head of the Connecticut State Troopers, admits that much information surrounding the crime is being withheld. But there also some issues that we need to keep the cards close to the chest. And what about the first responders?

Why were they not allowed to enter the school until DAYS after the murders? Why not those with an opposing view? Was that helpful for you all? My daughter Natalie was interested in asking him if he could pass some kind of legislation so that the only people that had guns were military personnel and law enforcement. And if people needed guns for sport that they could go to a range and the guns would have to stay there.

Banning guns is NOT the answer. Americans have abandoned Christ and their accountability before God. Instead, more and more questions keep piling up. No rifle, we are told, was in his possession at the scene of the crime.

My Uber Driver Tried to Blow Me